These are tools for sharing knowledge and organising ideas. Many of these tools are based on the precepts of visual thinking, which allows to enhance synergies by sharing knowledge and ideas in a group in a visual way, exploiting the creative capacity by connecting thoughts and planning projects. They allow brainstorming, meetings in digital environments using virtual walls or whiteboards to place proposals. In addition, they can be visual managers of creative project development where stages have been defined and allow for easy review of scheduled tasks, tasks in progress, as well as completed tasks. In the same way, anyone with access can update the content so that, in a very visual way, the rest of the participants can interact in a collaborative way while being present in a virtual environment and can be used synchronously or asynchronously.
This type of tool allows for the improvement and evolution of the creations of artists who share the same concerns, and the fact that they are not physically together is not a limitation. They can participate from anywhere in the world, creating cooperative environments by additionally applying techniques that stimulate creativity through the use of these digital resources.