By screencasting we mean digital tools that record what you are watching on the screen of your device, be it a computer, tablet or mobile phone. Additionally it can contain audio narration and it is also possible to find applications that additionally record through the webcam and assemble your explanation in a small window on the screen. You can also capture any defined area of your screen, without having to capture the entire screen. Additionally you may need to do some post-processing using a video editor.
The usefulness of screencasting tools allows you to follow the explanations on an application that allows you to follow the movements and clicks of the mouse, so that users see a video as if they were next to you watching your computer screen while you work, in this way you can explain a complex process using a series of technological tools.
The advantage is that the video is available to be viewed as many times as necessary to learn how to use tools that are necessary for the generation of content or applicable in creative developments.
This type of tool allows the transmission of knowledge and training in the use of tools that can help artists in their development processes.